Welcome! to the Seabrook Island Dog Owners' Group website. We will try and keep you informed about upcoming events and entertain you with pictures from past parades, competitions, fund raisers etc.

A word or two about our name. We informally call ourselves "SEADOGS" and you'll see our name that way on posters and banners. We use the initials S.I.D.O.G. for important things like our checkbook and this website. You can find out more about us in our Mission statement listed in the "About Us" section.

Training organizations are mentioned under the heading Pet Links. There are obedience training opportunities with both group and private instructors, as well as agility training offerings. Obedience and Agility Trials are held throughout the year in Charleston County and other counties in South Carolina as well as many other states. Please give us your suggestions for new links as well as ideas for events and lectures.

Membership information is also available in the "About Us" section.

All of our functions are open to everyone on Seabrook, including "snowbirds".


Oh Where and When On the Beach Can We Walk?


SEADOGS Brought the HEAT to the Backpack Buddies Chili Cook-off!

2019 Annual Meeting to Feature “Pilots N Paws” - Animal Rescue by Air!

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SEADOGS Mascot a Crowd  Pleaser! Woof!

SEADOGS, the Seabrook Island dogs-on-the-beach advocacy group, announced today that the Annual Meeting will occur on January 29, 2019 starting at 6PM in the Live Oak Hall at the Lake House. On this year's agenda, the officers will provide an annual review of 2018 for the SEADOGS organization.

In the second half of the meeting, we will be honored to have special guests from the Pilots N Paws. Our guests will give an update on the Organization's mission and progress, and will also describe their pet rescue operations using volunteer airplane pilots. This should be an incredible program. You may be astounded to hear about the many needy animals that were rescued and transported through the air by kind hearted flyers. You can find out more about Pilots N Paws at All Seabrook Island residents are invited to attend the meeting. Also, we are always looking for new members, so please join us to hear about the good work SEADOGS does for the Seabrook Island community. As usual, SEADOGS will be collecting charitable donations for the speaker's organization Pilots N Paws. If you would like to make your own donation, Pilots N Paws is a 501c3charity.

The meeting is held during dinnertime, so we will have a potluck meal. If you can, please bring either an appetizer, main dish or dessert. SEADOGS will provide the drinks.

For more information on the event or about the SEADOGS, contact Mitch Pulwer at